Fire Cider

Prepared since 2010, UNION LIBRE Fire Cider is made by the fermentation of heat-concentrated apple must.

Elegant and unique, it pairs well with canapés and cheese.

Fire Cider


Fortified Fire Cider (Aperitif Cider)

This fortified Fire Cider was developed for the first time in 1994.

Excellent companion for aged cheese and dark chocolate.

Aperitif Cider


Production Method

Picked and selected by hand, apples are first pressed, one variety at a time. Musts are then blended and transformed by heat. This operation is performed using clean energy, allowing a continuous production, under a consistent and controlled temperature. The concentrate obtained by water evaporation represents one quarter of the initial quantity.

This nectar is then placed in stainless vats where it will ferment for several weeks at low temperature. A portion of the cuvée will be fortified with apple brandy and will benefit from an oak barrel-aging process.