Ice Cider

Developed by natural cryoconcentration, this cider has aromas of honey and pear. Long finish, rich and balanced, it goes perfectly with cheeses and desserts. Serve chilled (5ᵒ-7ᵒC) with cheese, foie gras and chocolate. Aging potential of more than 10 years. Assembly: Cortland, Empire, Spartan, McIntosh

Ice Cider


Ice Cider – Reserve

This cider made from cryoextraction.

Only available in 200 ml at the Boutique.

glace et pommes

Production methods

Harvested once they are at maturity, apples are stored in a cool environment until December. They are afterwards squeezed and the must obtained is left outside, during January’s freezing temperatures. Many days or even weeks later, water separates itself from sugars, which allow to rack the cider off the lees and get the concentrated must. Only 30% of the initial must will have the expected concentration and will be fermented.

Harvested during December and January at temperatures going from -10 °C to -15 °C (14°F – 5 °F), apples are squeezed frozen in order to obtain their famous nectar. About 6 kg (about 13 lbs) of apples are needed to get 1 litre of the must concentrated in sugar and flavour.